Maid Service / Home Cleaning

Other companies begin by telling you the long list of what they DO NOT do. We think it is important to go over all of the areas that we make sure are done right. If you are currently getting a lick and a promise from your current cleaner or if you feel like all they do is wipe down the bathroom mirror, spray air freshener, take your check and go, please don't wait... call Artistic Flair today. 


bulletWeekly - Give you piece of mind knowing your home is clean
bulletTwice a month - Maintains a healthy home
bulletMonthly - to relieve you
bulletSpring Cleaning - provides detailed, through cleaning
bulletSpecial Event Cleaning - Allows you the time you would have sweated and let's you focus on the fun details of event planning.

"The other maid services can't be as good as us, 
because WE work for Artistic Flair."


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Weekly or Bi-weekly
Monthly or Special Event
Spring Cleaning


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